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About Us

Innovators in alert communications

Site Staff Monitored Alert Safety 
Care support  staff experience  challenging personal safety issues and this presents care providers with specific site security and OHS emergency communications requirements. 

We invite you to get in touch today to improve staff safety with CarerLINQ  

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Care Site Technology Solution

We fit the technology to your site and connect the monitoring then when an incident occurs we attend site to support your staff.

SITE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT PACKAGES to support your staff safe work environment 

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Base Technology: 

  • P1 - Class 1 remote monitoring    

  • Up to 8+ Camera CCTV Rec/View for incident video verification

  • Site Staff alert activation with 
    Alarm Sensors, fire, motion, Inactivity alerts for a safer work environment 
    Incident direction of CARER Site Team

Get in Touch

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Caboolture, QLD. Australia 4510

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