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Modular Site Energy, Water, Data & Accommodation
  • Instant Modular Site Rooms , Facilities and Amenities

  • Designer Homes, pre fabricated,  delivered to site

  • Site ENERGY / Water Generator / SOLAR POWER 

  • Compressed CLEAN AIR SOLAR Battery 

  • SAT Data , 4G, P-P Wireless CCTV security & Monitoring 

  • Supply, Install, Monitoring & Project management 


Call: 07 3040 6102
or Direct  on 0420 25 2221

About ModuLINQ

ModuLINQ combined the latest AIR BATTERY technology to Pre Fabricated designer homes and Luxury relocatable office and accommodation solutions.

Communications + Data + Power + Water as a solution tailored for your a seamless transition with free clean energy & low operational cost  & overall longevity

of critical business hardware, and performance. 

In essence LINQ Solutions - ModuLINQ provide your sites with a comprehensive approach to modular, full service facilities. 

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