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PowerLINQ Zero Emission Energy, Water, Data & Work Spaces
  • Designer Plans or Instant selection of spaces, manufactured delivered to site 
    with options for COOLING, ENERGY Supply & Storage Water Generation
    and site technology for communications data  and security 

  • Communications  -Satellite,  4G, P-P Wireless CCTV security & Monitoring 

  • Rapid Build Workspace - Supply, Install, Monitoring & Project management 

Call: 07 3040 6102
or Direct  on 0420 25 2221


About PowerLINQ

LINQ Solutions - PowerLINQ - combines the latest technology for Zero Emission, recycled energy with industrial Air Compression Battery technology along with options to allow you to maintain grid feed or off grid active space solutions.

Scalable Power from 30 KW  to 10 Mega Watts + 

Solution tailored for your a seamless transition with
cost effective clean energy & very low operational cost  designed for decades of continuous electricity for critical business performance. 


LINQ Solutions 

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