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Annual Site Certification & Electrical Assessment?

  • Examine & test LIGHTNING termination to meet AS1768  Standard

  • Examine down conductor/s and COAX earthing systems 

  • Log event counter measurement system

  • Review  surge protection installed complete any repairs or adjustments 

  • Make recommendations regarding state of repair of the system.

  • Issue test reports & Certify/Re-certify the Lightning / Surge protection System

Surge and Lightning Solutions and Certification


About Us

Supply and Install and Re-Certification of Lightning protection for your business

Site Audit, Installation, & Assessment Services

Engineering a solution and design for your power protection systems can have a major impact on your business operation and overall longevity of critical business hardware, and performance.

Ensuring your surge protection and UPS power and backup systems function. In essence PowerLINQ will reduce the risk of business downtime, damage to valuable equipment, financial loss and staff safety with a comprehensive approach to business surge protection. 

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BRISBANE  QLD. Australia 4510

0420 252 221

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